Thursday, May 3, 2012

One picture - worth 1000 strokes of the sanding block

On the home stretch
As you can see, we're nearing completion of L's guitar and a sweet one its gonna be.  The bridge is yet to be glued on, but once done, some sound testing and then the back and back binding go on.  When the back goes on, the final action will be set and it's looking good for nice low action a'la the flamenco tradition.  I probably won't post any more pictures of this guitar until I'm on my way to deliver it.  I'll also try to post a video of it being played.  Anothe reason not to post any pics is that there are a few surprises in store for L, that I don't want her to see until she sees it in person.

We're anxiously awaiting the arrival of the rosettes from Russia and in the meantime continued work on joining and thinning the back and sides and bending the sides will proceed apace.  Testing and selection of the top wood is under way and I'll probably join and inlay two or three tops from which I will choose the ONE. 

The neck scarf joint and heel block is on the shooting board at this time and will be joined.  I'm kicking around different ideas for the detail work beyond the rosette and bridge tie block and what to do with the headstock shape and details.  I may add a very crude drawing of a shape I have in my head and see what people think of it.

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