Monday, May 14, 2012

The missing blogger

Betcha wondered where I've been and why I haven't blogged for almost 10 days.  Well, I've been up to my elbows in hot hide glue, cypress, spruce and cedar dust as well as some curley queues from some very handsome rosewood.  Can't show pictures of the flamenco, 'cause it would show more than I want at this juncture..surprises, I hope.  A lot of scraping, sanding and "finiting" to be done befor the finish goes onto L's guitar, but we are getting closer.  There are so many details to assure a world class finish and sound.  Today, I put the little dots on the side of the fretboard to mark the positions of several frets.  Painstaking work to say the least.

Not much to show on C's guitar because jointing two bookmatched halves of a back or top is not the most interesting photo subject.  But trust me, it's a very important step in the process.  Carving the neck might be interesting, but I'd rather show it when it begins to take shape a bit more.  I did have a bit of an inspiration regarding the shape of the head.  I'll show a drawing, but without commentary at this point.  This is in the concept stage and may develop a bit.  The rectangle on the upper part of the head would  be a cut-out.

This is a concept drawing.
That's all for now, G'day.

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