Friday, May 18, 2012

Shifting gears

With MB#2 at the finishing stage, it's now time to focus fully on C's guitar.  A number of steps have already been taken, the rosewood back joined, the sides (ribs) cut to size and both soon to be thicknessed to near spec.  The sides will then be bent and the back stripe inlaid.  The mahogany neck carving process is under way and the selection process for the top wood is moving forward with testing of the wood to assure the best quality possible.  Meanwhile, we wait with bated breath for the (hopefully soon) arrival of the rosettes from Russia.  Beyond joining of the two halves of the top wood, no further progress is possible until the rosette is inlaid.  The thicknessing can then proceed, followed by bracing.

The Plantilla (pattern) for this guitar will be that of Brian Burns.  Because of his reported success with the sound of his guitars being judged as superior by other luthiers and players, I've decided to use his plan.  It has some characteristics which I believe will lend themselves to producing an excellent classical guitar.

The next few days will be spent organizing the shop to allow the production of this guitar to go smoothly and relatively quickly.  But, attention to detail and precision is the watchword for this special "world guitar".  Extremely high quality materials, a good plan, good execution with the completion of L's guitar under my belt, should combine to make this guitar not only "world" class (pun intended, you'll see), but perhaps even on the high end of that.

More soon, with documentation of time included as well as data on the materials.  With work already under way, I've documented approximately 20 hours.  A running counter will be kept with each blog on this guitar.

Running total to date:                                                                                               20 hours


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