Sunday, May 27, 2012

Shaping up!

So many happenings right now:  1. L's guitar is almost finished!  Kevin Kinder at IndyCraft is doing the finish because he has the skills, the facilities, the equipment and is excited about doing this.  I will take it to South Bend to show my friend and mentor Dick Wisner, and then deliver it to Laura Nauman, my niece, who's very excited about it.

2.  Working on components of C's guitar including SHAPING the neck and heel.  I'll be thinning the back and sides soon and will then bend the sides, brace the back, etc.

3.  What's shaping up that's REALLY exciting is that I got news that the rosettes are on the way.  I'm so excited I'm .... well, let's just say I'm very excited.  Here are a couple of photos of what's up in the shop right now.

Shaping up the spanish heel

mock-up of what the head might look like
with the fantastic tuning machines
Hours added:  6 direct, plus a bunch of shop cleaning and re-arranging.

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