Monday, October 28, 2013



Ruth and I celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary with the help of our daughter, granddaughters and one of Jill's friends.  People stopped by, sent flowers and cards, emails, facebooks and a huge cake was enjoyed by all.  50 YEARS - AWESOME WIFE - GOOD TIMES!


We took a trip to Monetville/Noelville, Ontario, Canada, where a bunch of cousins still live and a few came in from further away to join us in celebrating our 50th and my cousin Leila's 75th birthday.  My cousin Linda Timony hosted us at her house and quite a gathering at a local restaurant/ lodge brought together a number of cousins and friends for a very nice dinner and cake, party favors and all.  It was so nice to see everyone.  We took a boat tour on the French River and from the skipper, learned a lot about the history of that waterway and its part in the history of the settlement of the area, the great lakes and northeastern US and Canada.  We hiked around an island to view the Five Finger Falls, which are quite impressive.  Although not terribly high falls, the quantity of water and the power of it are awesome to experience.  The trees were near their pinnacle of fall colors.  I'd like to thank Linda, Llewella and Leila, as well as Leila's daughter, Sandra for helping to make this happen and for bringing Leila the distance to come see me.  I love you all.  Thank you for making this a memorable trip.  We then went through Michigan, via the Sault, across the Straits bridge and down the west side of the state.  The colors were wonderful..not quite at peak, but close.


Progress continues on the Corvair.  Turns out the engine needed a re-build and I've commissioned Paul Fox to do it.  He says it will be good for another 100K miles.


Still doing some consulting with two projects going right now


Had to put this in here because I haven't done any work on guitars for quite a while and I want to get started on several instruments, including a Uke, a Steel String and at least one classical from the 100+ year old EI Rosewood I acquired from Dick Wisner, whom I wish well after his terrible fall.  Wishing you a full recovery, Dick.

I'll throw in some Photos when I have more time.