Friday, May 18, 2012

Taking your baby to the (finishing) Dr.

Pretty nervous!  While I am fully confident that Kevin at IndyCraft will do complete justice to the finishing (lacquer) of L's guitar (known from here forward as MB#2 for Marcelo Barbero #2.  That's to protect the new owner's privacy. ), turning over a piece of work into which you've invested 100s of hours, is pretty frightening.  While I could have finished it myself, using french polish or a wipe-on finish, or even spray lacquer, after talking with Kevin, whose business is finishing wood, I decided to let a professional do it.  IndyCraft has the facilities, skills and equipment to do a really professional job on this special guitar and the chances of success in a really great finish are many, many times greater than my trying to do it in facilities which are not suitably equipped.  While I have experience with french polish, it is not as durable as a lacquer finish and at this point, I lack suitable facilities to apply a really flawless finish,  Take good care of my baby, Kevin.  I am also looking forward to working with Kevin in the future on my projects as well as, perhaps a project for himself.  In addition to being owner of IndyCraft, Kevin is a martial artist.  I'm looking forward to getting to know him and the rest of the crew at IndyCraft better.  When next we see MB#2, she should be even more beautiful.  The construction went well, I believe the sound will be true and beautiful, and once the finish is on, it should truly be a world-class instrument.

Until, then


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