Saturday, May 5, 2012

Blaaanannnt! Clear the decks for action

Spent a good part of today cleaning the shop, for two reasons actually, or maybe more.  1. I've learned that I am pretty sensitive to the wood dust I create;  2. I almost to the finishing stages on L's guitar and I want the shop as clean as possible;  3. I'm starting to concentrate on C's guitar since it appears that the arrival of the rosettes may be on the horizon.  One will be finished and delivered and it will be full steam ahead on the other.  Oops, I can't count....that was three.

I cannot wait to hear the first notes played on this flamenco guitar.  I'm hoping for a very responsive, but not quite as "poppy" or percussive sound as that most flamencos like, but at any rate, a very enjoyable instrument.  Some sound sweeps may give me a clue.

No pics today, you wanna see the shop, ya gotta come visit.


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