Sunday, April 29, 2012

All bound up

All bound up

Derik putting on binding

BR head piece (what will appear here?)

Looking good, but not glued on


Matching inlay on tie block

Sunday morning after a long day in the shop yesterday.  Deryk DeZahr, a luthier and maker of guitars and violin-family instruments, helped me install the top bindings.  Some scraping and sanding will bring the top to near finish-ready condition and the bridge and fretboard can be glued into place.  These pictures show the status at the moment and a few details that, when scraped and sanded will be pretty much complete.  I've also drilled the pilot holes for the tuning pegs and cut the fret slots.  So here's a series of pictures which show the details.  

Detail of mitre where binding meets butt inlay
We received news that Dmitry's grandfather passed away and his hand in helping to care for him has caused a delay in the receipt of our rosettes for C's guitar.  They will arrive sometime soon however and we'll be ready to go when they do.  I've begun jointing the back plates and have the sander set up to thin the back, sides and top plates when needed.  The neck scarf joint and heel block are close behind.  I'll be posting some pics soon showing the early stages of making a very special instrument.

Keep watching.


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