Friday, April 20, 2012

Really s~c~a~r~r~r~y Part

Where I take a machine running at 32,000 rpm to the beautiful box I've created

This is the scary part

This is the result

This is the binding and purfling that goes into the channel

 Well, I did it.  Tonight was the night that I routed the binding/purfling channel.  That means taking a machine with a sharp bit, running at 32,000 rpm and cutting away a portion of the top and side to accomodate the binding (rosewood, with a white accent strip) and purfling (black and white alternating veneers).  One slip and the whole thing is toast!  I was shaking when I finished and it wasn't PD.  Anyway that part is done for the top.  I'll repeat it when I put the back on and it's even more finished than now.  There's some trimming of the little "feathers" that the router causes and a cutout for the part that goes into the neck.  Then the binding and purfling can be glued in place.  Next, the fretboard will be slotted, glued into place and the frets installed.  The bridge will be glued in place as will a head plate.  The tuning pegs installed and then the final testing and voicing will take place.  That's why we leave the back off until last.  We can test the response frequencies and adjust by removing or adding mass to the top, with the back taped on.  When we're satisfied, the back goes on and the final action is set.  Back binding put in place and the final touches on the neck, head, accents, and preparation for finishing.  Whether I do it or IndyCraft, it will be a satin nitrocellulose finish, which should make a very striking guitar.  Really tired, so that's all for today.


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