Monday, April 9, 2012

Braces in places, back on back

Back on back (where else?)
braces in place (orthodontia?)
inside center strip (a stripper?)

Startin' to look like a guitar

OK , so I'm just too corny.  Progress on L's guitar proceeds apace.  The back braces were fitted and glued in, the center strip inside the guitar was glued in place and the size of the back was trimmed to near the final size.  The back can now be taped on for sound testing, but the bridge and fretboard need to be in place, as well as the head piece needs to be installed and the tuning pegs installed.  So there's still a bit to do before the binding goes on.  The binding will go on the top perimeter along with some purfling, but the back doesn't go on until the final testing and adjustment of the back.  I did a spectrum on the top as it is now, with the back taped on .  There seem to be peaks in the right region, but there's a way to go before we can tell how well it matches up with Brian Burns's guitars.  There's also some more carving to do on the neck to prepare for the fretboard and I need L to provide me with the width at the nut and the 12th fret as well as an approximate profile of the neck that's most comfortable for her.

Meanwhile, I'll be continuing the preparation of the back for joining the two halves and at least a couple of tops as candidates for C's guitar.  I'll be testing these for stiffness in the next day or so and preparing them for joining the book matched halves.  I will then thickness the plates to near thier final thickness.  A neck scarf joint will need to be prepared and the neck joined along with a heel stack.  Sides will be bent as soon as they can be sanded to final thickness.  I don't want to start running any rosewood through the sander until after the tops have been sanded and this can't happen until we get the rosettes.

That's the short version of where we are.  Looks like a lot to do, but things will move pretty fast because now what I've practiced on one guitar, the next one will go smoother.  That was the whole idea of a campaign.  I'm getting things in order so that things go where they belong and I can find what I need when I need it.

Off to be a curtain.  No, really, apparently it was quite dramatic.

Here's a pic of my handsome grandson ready to be a curtain in a program at church.  Apparently, he made a very good curtain

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