Friday, March 9, 2012

Tittleating Tops To Take Test Tatistics (S implied)

Rosewood sides for Earth guitar,
cut to rough size

Test apparatus for tops

Spent the day in the shop yesterday (Thursday, 3/8/12) gathering acoustic data on top blanks.  I'll add the measurement data and keep a record as I inlay rosettes, thickness, brace and prepare tops for installation.  Not sure yet if my data correspond to Brian's but since I'm unable to get furthur information from him at this point, I'll fly by the seat of my pants.  Data should be useful in the long run in any case.  Above are pics of the testing setup which feeds data for a spectrum of the resonances of the top generated by a sweep of frequencies fed directly to the top via a coil and rare earth magnet.  Essentially, this makes a speaker out of the top.  Then the response is fed back to the computer and the Visual analyzer program via the microphone.

The top picture is the rough cutouts of  the rosewood sides of the Earth guitar along with my shop helper. I have some cutoffs from these pieces, which I've played around with a bit with some shellac and some filler.  I'm going to supply them to Kevin for his take on how best to finish them to bring out the beauty of the rosewood and provide a durable finish.  I still may french polish the top, but it depends on what Kevin comes up with,  After a short vacation to Florida with Ruth, the flamenco for my niece and the EI rosewood classical will be completed as I continue to prepare for the receipt of the Earth rosettes.  Options for the design of the armrest for Laura on the flamenco will be searched for and posted for her approval.  Keep and eye on this site.

All for now, g'day. 

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