Sunday, March 25, 2012

Don't burn your bridges

Worked on Bridges today: result - one bridge and one very pretty chunk of rosewood that'll probably become something else.  All the result of cutting on the wrong side of the saw blade.  Oh well, that's why it is best to work in campaigns, so that you learn by your mistakes, or preferably not by mistakes but experience, so that each subsequent operation leads to a better result than the previous one.  Such was the case today.  This rosewood is awesome...rings like a bell and will make tremendous bridges. 

Set-up is the key.  Once your tool, jig, or fixture is properly set up, the operation is usually relatively simple.  Right tool, right procedure = desired result.  I will rough out the next few bridge blanks while I have the saw set up to do so.   Bridges may only be highly polished with no finish applied.  Finish could dampen the efficiency of the sound transfer.  Why do I go to the trouble of making my own bridges?  1. you can't buy BR ready made ones as far as I know; 2. the ones you buy are usually finished..shiny and pretty, but finished...and they are EIR mostly.

That's all for today...I'll post some photos soon


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