Sunday, March 4, 2012

Potpourri day in the shop

The rosewood for the back and selected top wood choices for C's guitar

The rosewood.  Must choose position of cutout for the back,
I'm inclined to include more figure like toward the bottom of the pic.
All kinds of stuff in the shop today.  Worked on straightening the rosewood for the sides of C's guitar.  Boy does it smell nice when it's worked, and I can't smell very well.  I also need to position where the back will be cut out of the rosewood to give it the best figure on the back.  See pic.  Started to prepare the big Grizzly sander for thinning the top wood sets which are candidates for the top of this guitar.  The choice will depend on the test results as I go through the steps of thinning and testing.  Not much more than that can be done on the top until the rosettes arrive.  Then the rosette can be inlaid, the soundhole cut and the bracing begun.  Because of the status of these projects, I feel safe in taking a bit of a hiatus for a week or so and go to Florida with Ruth.  Above are some pics taken today.

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