Saturday, March 31, 2012

VIP visit

"C" came to the shop and was excited about what I showed her.  Very positive about the raw elements of what will become her guitar.  The constraining factor remains the rosette.  In the meantime, I tested and compared tops, mainly to get the techniques down pat;  I was able to produce some response curves that at least show the major resonances.  The two photos I've included illustrate two resonance responses that are very close to the frequencies that the response curves showed.  These are just blank tops excited using a small speaker. 

Actual assembly of L's guitar will begin this week  I pretty much know what the arm rest will look like.  It's just a matter of choosing which wood makes the nicer contrast with the cyprus and spruce of the guitar.

I also began the joining process for the BR of C's guitar.  I cut the blanks for the back to rough size and began jointing the edges that will go together at the center seam of the back.  This is a bit of a painstaking process:  plane and check, plane and check... until the center seam is so true that there is no light showing through when the halves are put together and held up to the light.  This will result in an invisible center seam, which may or may not have a center seam inlay.  This will be decided once the halves are joined.

I got the "beast", that is the Grizzley sander, going today.  I made an extension cord to reach the nearest 220 V outlet.  I will sand tops and other light wood elements first before using the sander for the darker woods like rosewood and ebony. 

I thought I had some philosophical comments to make, but now can't think of anything very interesting to say.

That's all for now,


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