Saturday, March 3, 2012

Missing photos

Quick preview 1
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The back preview
Here are some shots of L's guitar just dry fitted loosely together.  Everything will go back into the dry cabinet until we get a suitable day for the glue up (warm and dry, if there is such a thing in IN).  I use hot hide glue, which is a natural material from animal hides and hooves, etc.  basically the same as knox gelatine.  This is extremely strong, and completely reversible if one ever needs to take a joint apart.  BTW, that's not the fretboard that will be used, just one I had lying about.

In the meantime:  Out comes the rosewood for the back and sides of C's guitar.  Thinning by hand plane to provide a flat side to each piece before the wood is  sanded to near thickness and cut to size for the 1/2 parts of the bookmatched back and sides.  This is where my awsome Burns sharpening system comes into play.  Sharp tools are the key and then selecting the plane with the best angle for the grain of the rosewood.  Also from these peices, which are generously large, there will be enough wood for the headplate(s) and for the armrest on L's guitar.  This should be really attractive and acoustically ideal.

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