Saturday, March 24, 2012

Back from FL

We made it to and from Florida without mishap.  Saw my brother and his wife, got sunburned, ate shrimp, pretty much did the obligitory stuff, including some relaxation.  Back in the shop today, I cut out the BR* blanks for the trio of guitars in the works.  The blanks, when suspended properly, ring like marimba keys.  Bridges from this wood should transmit sound from the strings to the tops very efficiently, and the wood is beautiful.  I'll be shaping these blanks into bridges in the next few days.  It is likely that the armrest on L's guitar will also be made from this BR. I'll add some photos of guitars with armrests as examples.  Next on the agenda:  the joining of the two halves of C's guitar.  This will be a step toward getting the back and sides ready for thicknessing.  I will do a good part of that by hand with planes and scrapers and put the finishing touches on with the sander to near the final thickness and then again by hand to final surface.  I gave some samples of the BR from the rib cutoffs to Kevin Kinder of Indy Craft and can't wait to see what he did with them.  Choosing the top for C's guitar will be undertaken next and bracing it in the fashion of Brian Burns's classical guitar plan will follow once the rosettes arrive..  Then the choice of a neck blank and, unless I already have one joined that I like, I'll do the scarf joint and heel, also in the style of Burns.. 

*BR = Brazilian Rosewood
EIR = East Indian Rosewood

:PS.  Just a note on the organization of the chronicles for each of the guitars:  I will break out the notes for each and provide a chronicle  for each  of the three guitars and for future ones as well.  BTW, if you know of someone interested in a classical or flamenco guitar, let them know how to reach me via this blog or my email.  Prices depend on many factors, and so will be discussed individually with anyone wishing to get on the list for a custome made guitar.

Thats all for now, g'day

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