Saturday, March 3, 2012

Had a good afternoon in the shop.  I cleaned up an old tool box and one of the tools in it and started doing some prep work on the rosewood for C's guitar.  Pictures below.  I scaped the rosewood with a sharp bench scraper to smooth the surface and then wiped it down with mineral spirits to "sort of" bring out the color and grain.  The picture does not do it justice, believe me   The wood has a bell-like ring to it and is going to make an absolutely awesom instrument.  Wood testing for the top will proceed apace, until I find THE right wood for this guitar.  Sometime soon, I'm going to visit Dick Wisner and look through his stash of guiitar wood.  It's mostly cedar, but I haven't ruled that out if it's the best choice sound wise.  After all, guitars are all about the sound.  But no question, this guitar WILL be awesome looking, too.

Pics:  The descriptions are in the captions:

That's all for tonight.

Old toolbox

And one of the tools rescued from it

One of the side pieces for C's guitar.  Scraped with a sharp cabinet scraper and wiped with mineral spirits to bring out the grain.  Still nothing like what the finished wood will be.

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