Sunday, February 5, 2012



The primary purpose of this blog site is to chronicle the activities in my shop where I am on course for making classical and flamenco guitars.  I'll be posting activities and thoughts about how I'm going about this and as I deliver each guitar to its new owner, to provide them with a written and pictorial look at the process, progress and opinions about these steps and the results. 

In addition, I want to write a story about my family and what I know and what information I can collect from various sources, but primarily from by sister, Carol Sukolics, who has collected, researched, verified and re-verified the genealogy of the various branches of the family and has a room full of this information.  I don't know how this will be organized and it may just be random thoughts about the things I learn or have learned.  I do know that the Mercers have deep roots in the history of this country from the landing at Plymouth Rock, to the Revolutionary War, the Civil War and period following.  I'll talk about these and my thoughts about them.

Politics?   NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Religion?  NOT!!

Philosophy?  Maybe

My Grandkids?  Likely

My wife and kids?  Maybe, but certainly respecting their privacy to the extreme.

I haven't a clue how this site works, so I'll probably lose stuff and generally muck it up so that it hardly makes any sense, but perhaps, with a bit of experience, I'll figure it out.

So, here goes...what follows is the first, last and best attempt at this that I have figured out so far.

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