Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Mixed blessings, cont.



After a late start this morning, I accomplished quite a lot this PM.  If I can get the pictures to load, I'll post some shots.  Anyway, I seem to be getting in the groove a bit on the "making" part of guitar making.  I trimmed the ribs, laid out the linings and cut a whole bunch of tentellones.  So I'm getting nearer to gluing up L's guitar, so that I can fit the back and neck and fretboard, etc.  I think this guitar will come together nicely.  I had previously inlaid the back stripe with a white-rosewood-white back strip, which sets the tone for the bindings, puflings, etc. and I'm going to make the armrest and bridge out of rosewood as well.  I contrast with the cyprus and spruce, this should look very distinctive.

Oh well, here are the photos I mentioned.  The first, trimming the top of L's guitar to size and the other two fitting the ribs and showing how the tentellones might be positioned when glueing them in.  But first, I'll have to trim the ribs to the proper width.  Next, fitting them into the Spanish heel on the neck..actually more detail than that, but I'll get to that. 

Not much else to share today, except that I had to spend a bunch of money on getting this computer disinfected from a virus some asshole sent me in an email, oops, did I say that?

That, along with what's below is all I have for today.  g'night.

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