Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Moldy story

OK, now it's done...the mold that is.  Somehow, this turned out not to be a trivial exercise.  But it is a fairly important tool when it comes time to assemble C's guitar.  It will assure that the shape is accurate and will allow some testing in the meantime.

Exercise in far anyway:  I have this cello bow that I acquired at a flea market along with two others for a trifling sum...$22 for the three.  What was there to lose, eh?  Well I had the bow in question apparaised by a notable violin maker in Arnold, CA and he said that it needed quite a bit of restoration, but  once repaired could bring up to $3000.  Here's the trick - find someone interested in, and capable of, restoring it; find someone interested in buying it, restored or not; or find someone interested in doing both, restoring it and buying it, or perhaps selling it for me on consignment.  It's pernambuco, German or maybe French, shows quite a bit of use wear, probably indicating that it is high quality and was probably used by a symphonic musician.  I've heard it said that it was used by YoYo Ma.  Who knows???

That's all for today.  G'day.

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