Sunday, February 19, 2012

Hate the BMV

It's been a few days since I posted anything for a whole bunch of reasons:  Spent three days at the BMV getting new driver's license, trying...that is, trying in several senses of the get the boat (a 10' inflatable for cryin' out loud), the trailer (a simple little 8' utility), and our car registered.  And, we're still not done!  I did get my new drivers license with a picture of some old coot on it that I might recognize, but it's not the guy I see in my mirror every morning.

I worked on a lute yesterday, so I guess that must make me a real luthier now.  Also drew up the pattern for C's guitar and glued two cross braces on the top of L's guitar.  The shop is in pretty good order, but could be better.  I'm hiring Alec to help out.  He helped me hang a piece of pegboard and is organizing my toolbox.

Next on the agenda:  Beginning the process of thinning and preparing to join the back and bend the sides for C's guitar.  Can't wait to see how the Brazilian behaves, feels, smells, bends and sounds.  I'm really excited about working with it.  I'm also working on the testing of the tops I have  in my inventory to choose the one I'll use on this guitar.  I'm going to see my old (first) guitar teacher, Richard, in South Bend.  Haven't seen him for many years and I'm looking forward to it.  He said that he has a stash of wood that he wants me to look at.  I'm interested in seeing what he has and I may acquire some of it for future use.

I'm really interested in talking to him about the students he's taught over the years.  I know of at least two who have become quite notable in the classical guitar world.  One is a professor at USC and he and another founded a trio of some note.  I'll bet that Richard has started quite a few people on their way to careers in guitar.

More when I get back.

I'm trying to learn more about the use of the Visual Analyser program and the gadgets that I need to test the top wood and tops I'll be using and the tuning of them.  I really want the guitars I have in the works and future ones to be truly outstanding instruments.

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