Monday, February 6, 2012

A day in the shop - Hah

My intentions were honorable.  I had planned to spend the better part of the day finishing up the mold (form) that will be used in the testing and construction of C's guitar and other future ones.   It didn't quite turn out that way, with minor emergencies and unplanned errands taking precedent.  Nonetheless, I got more done on teh mold. My intent is that it will be useful for both purposes...testing tops, and assembling the body or the guitar such that it can also be tested and adjusted during construction.  It still needs to be glued up and tested, but I think it will do what I want.  The photos above show how it might work.

Next challenge:  More organization in shop; acquisition of the information I need to conduct the testing of the various tops which might be used for both C and L's guitars.  I've picked up some clues as to how to accomplish this, but haven't tried it yet. 

Civil War:  Morgan Darius Mercer joined the Michigan 10th Infantry regiment during its formation (dates later).  He was present at Pittsburg Landing during what became known as the battle of Shiloh.  A historical diary written by one of the regiment by the name of F. W. Hewes, describes the action during that period.  I'll talk a lot more about this, but what broght it to mind was, on Antique Road Show, someone brought in a Union battle flag that was present at that campaign.  The appraiser said that despite its condition, it was worth  $10 to $15,000.  The person who brought it, believed it was carried by an ancestor in an Illinois regiment.  I'll spend some more time on this history as well as that of my paternal grandmother' father, Jasper Newton McClain, who was a member of the 8th Michigan infantry and later, the Michigan 7th Cavalry.  Pique your interest?

I have the complete line that shows that I am a descendant of Elder William Brewster spiritual leader of the Pilgrims who landed at Plymouth Rock in 1620.  I'll put this on sometime soon.  Interestingly, I subscribe to a Facebook group of descendants of Brewster and none that I've seen so far share a line beyond the first or second generation in common with me.  But I am related to Ashley Judd, the Mayflower Madame and Princess Diana.

That's all for now. 

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