Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Mixed blessings

A good part of another day spent dealing with the lovely folks at the BMV to get our license plates for the car.  A bit less painful than before, but still a pain.  If I can get the pictures imported, I'll show what I accomplished at the shop today...cut the top for L's guitar to size, fitted and trimmed the sides (ribs) to length, or close and tried them on for size in the adjustable mold.  One photo also shows how the top and sides will be joined...with tentellones, glued into place one-by-one all the way around.  I'm trying to decide if spacing them, or gluing them butted tight against each other is the best way.  Luthiers do it both ways.  I'm going to close this post and try to get the photos imported to where I know I can access them.  Be right back.

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