Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Animation - I'll explain

This is actually quite a long story, but I'll try to brevitize it (holy crap, did I just make up a new word?)  It all started when we lived in Elkhart, IN and I worked for Miles Labs/Bayer/Haarman & Reimer (that's another story).  Anyway, in the mid '80s, I changed from working in R&D as a Research Scientist, to a Manager of Regulatory Affairs and some other junk.. I had the worlds longest title but not the paycheck to match.  But... as part of my job, I was involved in determining and documenting and submitting to FDA, information on the safety of our food enzyme products.  This is when I learned about and eventually met Dr Michael Pariza.  He had a title longer than mine and the reputation as a world's formost expert on food safety.  Later, when I took a job in California with Genencor International, in the San Francisco area, I again worked with Dr. Pariza and we became friends.  I prepared and he and others reviewed and approved our safety assessments, which were submitted to FDA for approal for use in food.

Years passed.  Dr. Pariza and I testified in a trial against Miles Labs, because someone died, allegedly as the result of exposure to Miles was thrown  out of court because the person was fully informed of the risks and ignored them.

Years passed and I prepared for retirement from Genencor.  Mike learned of this and called me to wish me well.  During the conversation, he asked what I planned to do to keep busy.  I told him that I played and was learning to build guitars.  He was surprised and said that he didn't know I had an interest in music and that he was a composer.  Soooo, a couple of weeks later, came in the mail a composition that he had done for the guitar FOR ME!!!!  Only small problem...I am not/was not a good enough guitar player to play it and do it any justice.  Enter a computer website called the Classical Guitar Forum where I had met online two very talented guitarists.Jouni Stenroos, a resident of Espoo, Finland and Denian Arcoleo, a Brit.  Somehow I talked them into arranging and recording the piece (described by Dr. Pariza as "post romantic" vs avante garde) quite contemporary.  So, you guessed it, Jouni and Denian recorded it as a VIRTUAL DUET with one in Finland and the other in the UK..  If I can figure it out, I'll attach a recording here so it's saved for posterity.  Thus the  title of this post, it was entitled "Animation". If I can't attach it here, I'll link it on Facebook.

Animation 2:22 Jouni Stenroos & Denian Arcoleo   

OK, it didn't work.  I'll try to link it to Facebook.


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