Sunday, September 2, 2012

Not Exactly Butter

Bent the sides yesterday and it took most of the day to do so.  Not exactly butter in my hands.  But results are what matters.  The Rosewood yielded on the bending iron into the desired shape, and as far as I can tell, very little springback.  Cutting them to exact width and shape will be followed by a lot of scraping and sanding to remove the bit of scorched resin that was cooked out of the wood during the bending process on the hot iron.  In case you hadn't seen it before, here's a pic of the iron, which is heated by an electric charcoal grill starter controlled by a heavy duty dimmer switch.  It's used at about the temperature of your pancake enough to sizzle when spritzed with water.  You really get a feel for the wood when you bend this way.  I have a Fox side bender, but with wood this valuable, I'd rather do it by hand and have full control of the process.  G'day.

Almost there

better look at the iron

Fitted into the form

another view

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