Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Just a quick update on a very busy day or two:  The top-bone's connected to the rib-bones and the head-bone's connected to the neck-bone....OK enough!  You can see what's been accomplished inthe attached photos.  Tomorrow - finish the tuning slots and holes, complete the "finiting" of the head and neck, glue in the neck and glue on the fretboard and complete and install the bridge.  Don't know if I can do all of that tomorrow, but I'm gonna give it a shot.  The lining for the back and fitting of the back braces and installing the ebony bindings come soon, too.  Some top tuning and installation of the back next and then the finish.  This won't be an easy proposition because of all the contrasting wood types and colors.  It'll be a challenge to keep everything from being smudged by the darker colors.  But we'll git 'er done.  And it's gonna be a beauty.  Check these out at this stage:

The overall look at this stage
this top is awesome

The Head with tuner fitted on one side
note the white accent if you look closely

The inside, with the neck in place
once glued in the final tentalones will be added

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