Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Parts is Parts

Several accomplishments in the last few days.  One top inlaid with the earth rosette, fretboard thinned to final thickness, fret slots cut and bindings glued on; two Brz Rosewood bridges started.  So parts are accumulating for C's guitar.  Tje back is joined and the sides are cut to dimension and need to be thinned to .080" approximately along with the back.  Another top will be joined in the next few days.

Why, you might ask, bind the fretboard?  First, I like the clean look of the neck without the ends of the fretwires showing and it is much easier to dress the fret ends with the bindings.  The fret tangs are clipped back about the width of the binding and when they are tapped into place the ends of the frets are rounded and smoothed much easier than frets on a board with no binding.  I like the look and feel.

L's guitar is in the final stages of being finished (again) after the flaws that occurred with the first finish were corrected.  I saw the back, sides and neck, but couldn't see the top yet.  The fret work has to be finished after the re-fret and the action will be a lot lower and more playable....no buzzes, ihopeihopeihope.  Here are some photos of the parts I've made in the last few days.


A closer look at the fretboard.

A look at the peghead design.  This is a template.
Maybe you can see the binding on the fretboard, but it's
supposed to be almost invisible.

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