Friday, June 29, 2012

Neckin' again, and on top o' the world (rosette, that is)

The first top inlaid with the "earth" rosette
I cut the channel by hand/no router

Ok, I finished scraping the rosette inlay on the first top that I inlaid the earth rosette.  Above is a shot of it:

More progress on carving the neck and spanish heel.  I like the heel design, it's easier to carve and attractive.  The head design won't be cut out until the overlay(s) are on. 

Work continued on the neck.  I like the
heel design.

It was bloody hot today until a line of thundershowers moved through.  Went to Carmel to take care of some business.  Not sure what's keeping me going...I got up at 0400.  Last eve, I ordered filler for cedar and rosewood and some abalam for inlay material.  I'm determined to learn how to make beautiful inlays.

Happy 4th of July everyone...

Add another 20 hours.


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