Friday, July 6, 2012

Hot, Hot, Hot, Humid Too

L's Guitar:  Kevin Kinder, owner of IndyCraft, completed the finish on L's guitar and it looks terrific!  Some pics below.  I also completed the fretwork, leveling and polishing the frets, installed the tuning pegs and strung it up.  I cannot tell you how it sounds, because some allergy problems have my hearing so bollixed up that I can't even tell if it is in tune, let alone hear it's sound properties.  I'm trying to get an acquaintance from the Classical Guitar group to play so I can record the sound for future listening.

 I'll extract the biography of this guitar and put it into an album along with the background recording.  This will complete the process, which if I'm not too far off, started when we lived in Arnold.  That's when I bent the sides and I'll figure out what year that was.  I know it was several years and three moves ago.  I'll post a timeline when I figure it out.

C's guitar:  I'm continuing to make parts like the fretboard, neck, bridge and other parts not requiring glue-up.  Joining wood at these temperatures and humidity levels can be fatal to a guitar if it is then moved to a dryer climate.  I'm waiting out the weather for a while.  I'm able to store the wood at a humidity level near the ideal, but my workshop does not have climate control (at least that I can afford to operate).  Clyde, (Intuitive Iron), who occupies the rear part of the space my shop is in, tells me that it could cost $200 or more a month to run the AC.  So we'll be safe and wait for a bit cooler, dryer weather.  All of this has to be done anyway, so I'll just pick the best weather windows for each operation.

Almost done

Kevin Kinder, IndyCraft, at work on L's guitar

Bz Rosewood bridge in progress. 
Accent strip matches the purfling on the
earth rosette.

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